Growing revenue of advertisers and publishers by 10x times

AdExchange is the biggest mobile CPI marketplace. Through API publishers access a live feed of 30,000 offers from premium partners daily. Advertisers use API to easily launch their offers automatically, reaching hundreds of traffic sources at the same time.

With integration via single API, both sides can forget about manual work and multiply their daily revenue in no time.

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How it works
Mobile advertisers
AdExchange server
Offer feed
For advertisers
  • Integrate with the AdExchange server via single API
  • Submit your offers to the live feed automatically
  • Offers will be targeted to relevant users in publishers’ feeds
  • Pay only for app installs or actions completed
For publishers
  • Integrate with the AdExchange server via API
  • Get automatic access to the live feed of 30,000 offers
  • Offers will be targeted by geo, OS, device, etc. automatically
  • Get paid for app installs or action completions
Who works with the AdExchange?
Direct Publishers
Direct Advertisers
Why Clickky CPI AdExchange?
  • Forget about manual setup and launch
  • Access to traffic in all geolocations
  • Automated targeting of offers to the right users
  • Fast integration via single API and support
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