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Launch check-list
An offer for iOS/Android

Start with placing an offer and linking it to the Bundle ID or the app page in an app store. Available for direct advertisers and ad networks.

A tracking link

Insert either a tracking link from one of the direct providers that work with Clickky, or your own link, or a link provided by your ad network.

We support links from these tracking systems:

Geo targeting settings

Select the countries where you plan to promote your offer and get access to mobile traffic in all geos.

A budget of at least $200

Make sure you have recharged your account for at least $200 on to launch your campaigns immediately.

Average CPI on Clickky's platform real-time*
Country CPI
*The CPI recommendation tool only suggests the best price for a specific geolocation, OS and type of traffic. You decide which price to set.
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Clickky's Self-Serve Platform for Mobile Advertisers allows running mobile ads and acquiring quality mobile users in all geos, with incentive and non-incentive traffic; targeting the right audience and tracking the results right on the platform.