Self-Serve Platform for Advertisers

Manage your budget, choose formats, launch and optimize your mobile CPI campaigns
We'll return 10% of your first account recharge if you choose a wire transfer. More budget for your user acquisition campaigns!
Why a Self-Serve?
  • Quality optimization based on retention rate
  • Attract high-quality users through non-incentive ad campaigns
  • CPI recommendation tool to pay the right amount for every user
  • All the campaign statistics in one place, including retention rate
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What else?
  • The platform is open for direct advertisers as well as resellers
  • Each client has access to the promos and discounts from Clickky's verified partners
  • A promo-code for your first free ad campaign by request
  • Automatic tracking link integration testing within the platform
  • Ultimate transparency – you have a full control over your mobile ad campaigns
  • iAB compliant inventory
Install and performance tracking
We are integrated with the world's top tracking solutions to ensure the full transparency over the user acquisition and performance at our platform.
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