Recently Clickky has opened a new office in Tel Aviv, Israel. Guy Gishri, the freshly appointed Business Development Director Israel has shared his thoughts on the mobile marketing industry, Israeli national approach to doing business and his future plans for Clickky Israel.

What challenges do you see as a Business Development Director at Clickky Israel?

I believe that the first challenge I will be facing is the bridge between the two cultures. For Israeli networks, the Russian market always seemed like a rather close one, despite the language barrier. As Israel networks deal with a significant part of the worldwide traffic I believe there is a huge potential for generating profit for both sides.

Please, describe the current state of mobile marketing industry in Israel.

The mobile marketing industry in Israel holds some of the biggest players worldwide and it continues to grow and adapt to the current state of the industry. I believe, the biggest problem today (not only for Israeli networks) is the fact that the main focus is less on emerging markets, but on tier 1 markets and English speaking countries in general. This status creates a very competitive market that in the end will push to a state of cannibalism between the different companies. Today you can see the adaptation I talked about when companies like IronSource, Matomy, and others open offices in Asia, with local staff, trying to overcome different obstacles that once prevented them from even trying to penetrate.

Could you name the biggest opportunities for the industry in Israel?

I believe that today the biggest opportunities lie in the mobile industry, especially in the emerging markets. With the meteoric rise of the Asian market and the fact that more and more users have smartphones and become completely dependant on their mobile phones, it becomes clear, that the potential there is huge.

Are there any specifics when it comes to doing business in Israel?

Israeli way of working is direct. The Israeli “Cheek” is a known quality whether for better or for worse. I guess, you can blame our history, but we don’t have a lot of patience and we like the things to move fast. Israel is a small country, so even the biggest companies in the industry don’t hold more than a few hundred employees (comparing to similar companies worldwide). For this reason it is much easier for Israeli companies to adapt to the changes in the industry and keep being pioneers in the online world.

What are the plans for Clickky Israel?

First of all, I plan to introduce Clickky’s great products to the Israeli online industry. Secondly – to show the huge opportunities that lie in these emerging markets. Hopefully, this will help the Israeli industry to pass the different obstacles that once prevented them from even trying to work with emerging economies.

Why Clickky stands out among its competitors?

The great thing about Clickky is that although it’s been around for a few years, and despite it is not a small company any more (with more than 80 employees in 5 offices), it still behaves as a startup. As a company that started as an affiliate network, it quickly adapted to the changes in the industry and decided to be a key player within their market, not just an observer who is looking to make a quick buck. For the past year, a lot of money and other resources have been invested (and still are) in the product and in the amazing personal. It feels like the captains of this ship know where they want to sail and what are the goals here — “To be the world’s leading platform for publishers to monetize mobile traffic in emerging markets”.