Clickky, the leading platform for mobile traffic monetization, announces a strategic partnership with Offerslook, the leading performance marketing software provider. The partnership will enable customers of both companies to fully leverage Offerslook’s next-gen performance tracking technology, along with Clickky’s extraordinary expertise in monetizing mobile traffic across the globe.

Clickky’s customers will be able to access Offerslook intelligence, providing additional opportunities for both publishers and advertisers. This includes access to a broader pull of offers available to clients of both companies.

Offerslook’s cloud-based SaaS platform enables marketers to build and manage their own affiliate networks smartly. Marketers use Offerslook to customize their own platform, run offers, track ad campaign performance, and manage publisher relationship. By adopting advanced technology (such as proprietary counter fraud algorithm), Offerslook enhanced management efficiency of affiliate networks. And Offerslook revolutionizes the pricing model, making the affiliate network a more sustainable business model with higher ROI.

About Offerslook

Offerslook drives the innovation in performance marketing technology, providing the next-gen solutions for affiliate networks. Offerslook ensures easy setup process and integration with thousands of partners. With the focus on technology innovation, Offerslook will thrive to deliver features that affiliate networks need, such as counter fraud technology. Since its debut, 200+ affiliate networks have started to use Offerslook, Offerslook embraces partnership from each vertical, to give their customers the ability to find the best solutions for their businesses.