Clickky makes TOP 20 at AppsFlyer’s Performance Index in a case of Retention for non-gaming apps (iOS). AppsFlyer’s Performance Index is a rating of the leading ad networks, publishers and media sources that drive mobile apps with the quality traffic and loyal users.

AppsFlyer’s Performance Index H1 2016 edition covers more than 4 billion installs worldwide, over 1 000 of media sources and includes global and regional data by platform, broken down into gaming and non-gaming. Each comparison was calculated on a regional basis (APAC, North America, Europe, Latin America, and globally), and per days 1, 7, and 30 post install.

AppsFlyer’s Performance Index H1 2016 also provides key findings for different parts of research:

  • Gaming (Facebook continues to dominate, Video delivers loyal users etc.).

  • Non-gaming (Google making big retention gains, Android retention higher than iOS, etc.).

In its case for Retention on iOS Clickky makes TOP 20 alongside with Facebook, Google, Twitter and MyTarget .

Download the full research here.