Clickky rolls out its new solution — a Self-Serve Platform for Advertisers that combines all the advantages of automatic mobile ad campaign launch, management and optimization. The Self-Serve Platform for Advertisers works on CPI-basis, so you will pay only for performed mobile installs. Convenient and friendly interface was designed to meet all the requirements of app developers, networks and agencies. The solution is also integrated with Clickky AdExchange that serves 250+ million clicks monthly and over 20K CPI campaigns daily.

Clickky’s platform benefits:

  • CPI payment model
  • CPI prediction tool
  • Tracking link builder
  • Access to premium publishers
  • Special offers from Clickky’s partners.

More updates for the new Self-Serve Platform for Advertisers are shortly expected:

  • Retention Rate Tool. Allows to receive reports about retention rate of users according to each traffic source.
  • Blacklisting Tool. Allows to blacklist easily and quickly websites, where the advertiser doesn’t want to show his ads.
  • Integration Testing System. Allows to test the integration with Clickky’s platform automatically.
  • CPE ad campaigns. Allows to pay for post-install events, e.g. in-app purchase, a level reached in a mobile game, a number of the viewed pages, etc.

Clickky also offers a $200 bonus for mobile ad campaigns to three random advertisers who will sign up before October 25. Register here to win a bonus for your first ad campaign!