1. Creating an effective mobile ad campaign


Prior to creating a mobile ad campaign, analyze it according to the following criteria:

  1. The frequency of conversions
  2. Geo
  3. Payouts.


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Your main task is to create the best possible campaign
with good conversion rates.


  1. Checking a mobile ad campaign

Make sure that your ad campaign is working and is linked to an app in the app store. You have to check the tracking link in your system. To do this, click the link with the needed targeting features (geo and OS). You can use your device or a specialized software e.g. affilitest.com. If the link takes you to the required application, the link is the working one. This step is highly important. Our experience shows that in one out of ten cases the tracking link has been already used in other ad campaign and had been linked to a paused campaign.


  1. Creating Clickky’s tracking link

In tracking links there are two mandatory parameters you need to pass:

– Click ID

– Source ID

The advertiser must know what elements of a tracking link are responsible for Click ID and Source ID. If you aren’t sure, ask your tracking system support. The order of parameters doesn’t matter, you can place them within one tracking link as you wish.


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If Click ID and Source ID are incorrect, conversions will not be conveyed!



Each tracking provides Click ID and Source ID with different parameters:


When using Clickky’s Self-Serve Platform for Advertisers, the tracking link builder tool is used. It minimizes the error probabilities and time losses when building a link, because the tool pulls up the Click ID and Source ID automatically. The main thing is to provide Clickky’s tracking link builder with correct information.


  1. Putting a payout for the campaign

The bottom line for the advertiser is the price payed for action. Or in case of Clickky’s Self-Serve Platform — the price for the install itself. To understand the market conjecture, use open researches, for instance Clickky CPI Index. Monthly Clickky CPI Index shows the current state of market demand (CPI’s for 5 regions, 18+ countries, non-incentive traffic and different categories).

In case of a manual campaign creation, the manager can decline your offer if he or she finds it low-cost. As opposed to manual operating, Clickky’s Self-Serve Platform allows you to create a campaign with any payout. As a benchmark in Clickky’s Self-Serve Platform interface you are provided with CPI prediction tool that shows predictable price (an average cost per install for your targeting). The highest price you offer, the faster will the traffic flow be.



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Identifying the best cost per install is always the trial-and-error approach. We recommend you not to put the highest price at once. Commit a testing budget, start a campaign and monitor the sources. Use daily cap to prolong the testing budget in the period you determine the sources quality.





  1. Campaign optimization

Disable ineffective sources. Sources are seen as ineffective if:

  • they comprise 700+ clicks and zero conversions;
  • CR is less than 0.1 (irrelevant content is possible) or CR is too high (incentive traffic is possible).

When you make sure that sources are effective and traffic meets your requirements, you can attract more traffic flow by rising the cost per installs and daily cap.


  1. To be continued

It is still not the time to rest, always go extra mile in optimizing your campaign. Disable the less effective sources. Keep in mind that sources in SSA are connected automatically.


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The process of the optimization can take a few weeks in case you have an exclusive offer.