Listening to the massive informational noise around the best days ever to promote and sell something, let’s point out why you should stay away during November 25-28 if you’re a mobile app advertiser. The exceptions are apps like Flip, eBay, etc. which offer customers to buy products with a discount, sales aggregating apps or mobile payments. If you have an app, and it doesn’t belong to Shopping or eCommerce categories, read the text below.


  1. Despite of the fact customers go mobile during these 3 days, they just carry their activity from offline to online, then from desktop to mobile: mobile accounted for 36.1% of US online shopping on Black Friday last year. Customers actually use mobile to buy something they’ve chosen before: presents for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. Really, they don’t use mobile just to download your Entertainment app or to buy some additional benefits in your mobile game. They don’t really care about your apps. $7.5 billions that US users spent online on Black Friday and Cyber Monday last year is not a sum you could earn with your app if you’ve launched new mobile monetization tools or bought a heavy load of traffic. There is a significant reason why users look at their mobile phone screens — they try not to miss a good deal the hunted for. In 2013 such good deals occurred in stores, in 2016 — on smartphones screens. And professionals offering good great deals are brands with the large marketing budgets.

    thinkwithgoogle mobile

2. When big players are on arena, there is no place for small budgets. According to TUNE’s research, Black Friday and Cyber Monday ads double from normal days, and the volume of ads rises 9 times for TOP categories (e.g. commerce).

volume of mobile ads rises 9 times

Smaato reports the 175% increasement of mobile ad spend for Q4 in 2015 VS 2014. Imagine the advertising noise you have to cut right through and think twice if you really can outspend Amazon, Nike, eBay, etc. The more ads you place, the more clicks you get. The question is if  the spendings and earnings are proportional?

increasement of mobile ad spend

3. It’s been proved that Black Friday for mobile apps is actually January. Activity peak occurs on after-holiday period, when users start to full their new devices with apps. So if you haven’t done your best before the app downloads started to grow rapidly, you have few weeks to get ready for campaigns before it reaches TOP in January.

Black Friday for mobile apps is actually January

Over the hot period of November-January you have to provide additional marketing activities to support your app promotion. As we mentioned before, Shopping, eCommerce apps and apps provided by Amazon, eBay, etc. win the download race during this period. Use their marketing possibilities: initiate cross-promo activities, place in-app advertising,  etc. Find out in advance, where your users will be, and leverage the necessary channels.

Still, Black Friday and Cyber Monday is time of deals and promos. We offer mobile advertisers promo codes for our self-serve platform.

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Following is the 11-step guide on how to launch your ad campaign on Black Friday (or basically anytime).