Recently Clickky has launched an automated self-serve platform for publishers. The beta-version was well-received by more than 2,000 publishers, and now we are happy to introduce you the improved one.

A result of 4-year experience in mobile monetization, the new platform provides a convenient and user-friendly interface, which allows to monetize mobile websites to the fullest.

Clickky’s self-serve platform for publisher offers some unique features for mobile market: customization options for native ad formats. Now you can adapt the ads to your site design. For large players Clickky can also adapt native ads, so they will fit perfectly to the sites design.

Among benefits, that will take your ad placement management to the next level, there are:

  • Largest directory of ad formats (20+), including video, fullscreen, rach media, banners and native ads is presented
  • Categories of ads displayed on your sites can be chosen (Entertainment, Games, News, Travel, News, etc.)
  • 100% fill rate is provided
  • WordPress monetization plugin is launched
  • Easy integration (only 3 steps)

Moreover, these options will also be out of beta soon:

  • Mobile in-text ads. The Clickky’s system will transform relevant keywords into the links automatically, creating for you an additional revenue source
  • Clickky’s self-serve platform for app developers
  • Monetization SDK for Android applications.

Clickky’s self-serve platform could be easily applied with other solutions, complementing them. It is an easy and transparent way to maximize the revenue from website on mobile.

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