Due to its explosive growth, India has taken a special place among all mobile markets. Both advertisers and publishers are recognizing huge opportunities to attract mobile users and monetize the mobile traffic there. Is it all true though? Clickky has recently opened its 6th global office and a completely new country office in Mumbai, India, so we decided to share why India makes our hearts beat.

The country’s population makes more than 1.3 billion citizens. They are spreaded across the huge area, making the mobile phone usage a key factor for connection. To be fair, only 25% of the Indian population are smartphone users, but actually this is more than 3 million – a fascinating number anyway! So the small percentage of adoption does not prevent India to account for 20% of all mobile phone subscribers worldwide and to get ahead of the USA as the TOP2 largest smartphone market by 2017, following the most recent leaser – China.

The Internet penetration in India is expected to grow 2 times in the next three years –  25% in 2015 and by 50% in 2018, when 60% of Indian users will access the internet using their mobile phones. LTE penetration seems to be the main trigger of such rapid growth. Indians prefer to use low-cost smartphones, and the LTE devices shipment is also expected to account for 75% of all smartphones by 2017  compared to 66% in Q1, 2016.

Considering all that, India becomes an extremely important market for mobile advertisers. The additional benefit is the relatively lower prices for install compared to worldwide. According to Clickky’s CPI Index, in September’16 the average Android CPI estimated $0.29, while average iOS CPI was $0.41.

CPI Index September

The data below demonstrates the market demand for Android and iOS CPI in India and the comparison for Indian CPI by OS for commensurate categories. According to the comparison below, sometimes there is a significant difference between iOS and Android CPI in India.

mobile market India

mobile market India

mobile market India

The Indian market is in a stage of a “blue ocean” with unrivaled opportunities in mobile industry and the potential to lead the next wave of mobile innovations.

Clickky is hopeful about improving its presence in Indian market, especially with the launch of the self-serve platform for advertisers. Since our company got a large quite a lot of supply in India we’re concerned about  connecting it with the new advertisers. Since the launch we were excited to welcome our first customers which included a considerable number of mobile advertisers from India, and a lot of campaigns that required Indian traffic were successfully run. Our experience showed that it’s better to never underestimate the power of the growing markets such as India. The average revenue per paying user (ARPPU) there sometimes makes up to $1.7 for particular apps (Almost twice a bigger sum than the average of 2015 – $0.89).

So here we go!