Christmas is a perfect time to drive your app installs or and grow the in-app purchases. Mobile traffic rises about 25% YoY, accounting 45% of all online traffic in 2015. During Christmas and New Year plenty of devices will be presented as gifts resulting in a year’s peak of downloads and engagement in January. Consumers will use their smartphones and spend their time on mobile, so it’s the perfect period for user acquisition and mobile monetization.

Here are some tips for mobile advertisers that will help to build the holiday promotion strategy.

holiday app promotion

Create the holiday spirit

Customize your app and ads by adding some pretty holiday-specific details. A little change can sometimes result in better conversion. Use a picture, announce a deal, add one call to action. Do not cut user off with millions of ads and offers. Make everything clear, obvious and desirable.


Make gifts

People are used to become gifts on holidays. You have to give something priceless to get back more. Users will appreciate your involvement with the holidays. Don’t be the Grinch.


Offer a holiday bulk promotion

A bulk sale is a good possibility for users to try many of your apps  during the holiday season Fortunately now developers are able to sell bulk app packages through App Store, so it should not be hard to assemble the sale.

drive app installs

Make another usability test

The user interface (UI) is increasingly important during the holidays usage as people are obviously more limited in time. Make sure your app is fast to get on with. Check everything that might fail you, e.g. see how your ads look on different screen resolutions and devices.


Encourage impulse purchases

Make the impulse purchases more easy. During holidays people are ready to spend money and they spend with pleasure and without any long-term thinking. Allow them to make those purchases easy.

in-app purchases

Draw the better future

Keep your ad messages targeted to users’ plans for the New Year. Stop selling benefits, instead discover how your app can help a user live out his wishes.


Get users rid of doubt

If you have a shopping app, make your returns policy more visible. As I once heard, the information on returns increases not the returns but sales. If your app belongs to other category, offer free trials.


Use holiday offers for mobile advertising

Advertising platforms are always offering some holiday discounts. This year Clickky gives mobile advertisers an extra bonus for every recharge. You can find details here and use the offer until January, 1.

app promotion ideas

Search for like-minded mobile advertisers

Use special holiday possibilities like App Santa that helps users to save of up to 80% on apps from independent developers or Advent by appChocolate with free Christmas apps.


Better prepare in advance

Start preparing for the next holiday season. Start early, prepare creatives, cross-promo offers, adapt monetization and marketing strategy not a week but a month before Christmas. The Christmas spirit is born with the first candy being sneaked out of the advent calendar on December, 1. Don’t miss out on those precious days for promotion.

christmas installs

Christmas and New Year are not the only holidays app marketer should celebrate. Some of these tips can be used for user acquisition and mobile monetization during other holidays e.g. Halloween, Easter, Valentine’s Day, etc. Use every possibility to engage your users. If your target audience are men with family, customize your app for Father’s day. Put on Irish costume on a Saint Patrick’s Day if targeting Ireland. Celebrate Chinese New Year together with your users from China. Be creative and innovative.


Happy holidays!