What country will bring you more mobile installs in Tier 1 ?

When launching the mobile ad campaign in a self-serve platform and targeting some countries, an advertiser has to know what geos can bring him more downloads and revenue. TOP countries by worldwide downloads and TOP countries by worldwide revenue are sometimes quite different. According to AppAnnie’s report, in Q1 2016 the list of the TOP countries by downloads has mostly consisted of emerging markets. On the contrary, among TOP countries by revenue (combined App Store and Google Play) there were generally Tier 1 countries.

We found out the leading countries in Tier 1 with the highest conversion rates in September’16: USA, Canada, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, South Korea and Japan. Our data showed that installs dispersed significantly among different app categories, and we decided to choose the leading categories.

According to statista.com, in Q2 2016 users downloaded 18.5 billion apps worldwide in both Apple App Store and Google Play. Dispersion of the Android and iOS apps downloads worldwide:


When you are targeting specific country for your app, it’s better to choose the one that will bring more leads for your app category. Our research showed that Tier 1 countries have the main shares of conversions from impressions to leads within the next 5 categories: Entertainment, Finance, Games, Lifestyle and Social.

The indexed data below shows how are the Tier 1 Android and iOS leads dispersed among the categories. Total amount of Tier 1 leads in each considered category was set at 100% (for Android and iOS leads separately). 43% of Android Lifestyle leads in the US means that US mobile users provide up to half of all the Android conversions in Lifestyle category throughout all Tier 1 countries.

mobile installs

Methodology: the calculations were provided for Tier 1 countries and are based on September’16 data from Clickky’s self-serve platform that accumulates direct offers and premium publishers that work through Clickky’s AdExchange. For this research, the following 22 countries are chosen as Tier 1: Austria, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, the USA.

Main takeaways:

  • USA beats other Tier 1 countries in all categories for Android, showing overly high share (96%) of all Android leads in Social category and taking roughly 50% of all Android leads in other categories.
  • Most of the iOS Games leads in Tier 1 occur in United Kingdom (29%).
  • Germany has the highest rates (39%) of iOS Entertainment lead clicks.
  • US mobile users show the highest interest in apps that belong to Finance category — 53% and 47% of all Tier 1 lead clicks for Android and iOS respectively.


The research revealed that some mobile markets are still the main contributors to an advertiser’s success, bringing him more leads and more revenue. The map shows which categories some countries embrace more or less, and this is the reason for advertisers to target separate countries not bulk for the first time.

Although Tier 1 countries lead in installs and income generating, these markets are high-competitive and show the largest CPI’s (see Clickky’s CPI Index). And if your app is good and free, and the marketing budget is small, try enter the emerging markets and then win the whole world. You can address our blog to get some data about LatAm market, Indonesia, Russia, India, etc.

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