As the holiday season approaches and mobile traffic will rise before Christmas together with cost per install, it is time to take a look at the patterns and remember, how exactly mobile users behaved during the year. According to the Clickky’s research, based on our advertising platform, the cost per install skyrocketed this summer, bringing sorrow and tears to mobile marketing budgets. The infographics below shows you which countries and categories were the most expensive during the last half of the year.

So, who had to spend the most?

It seems that almost every category in both iOS and Android experienced the rise of cost per install, hence the sad smiles on the graphs. It is no secret that the rise of prices is seasonal, and it will be interesting to look, how the cost per install will behave during this holiday season.

Nevertheless, summer 2016 has shown several exemptions for iOS: the CPI has fallen dramatically for News, Finance, and Business categories in France, Photo & Video in the United States, and News in India.

The research was based on Clickky CPI Index. The Index is calculated for different countries, two OSes (iOS, Android), non-incent traffic and multiple app categories. The analysis shows market statistics and exactly how much advertisers are ready to pay for their installs. This includes the average CPI by country, by verticals within different countries and by OS (iOS and Android). You can check the latest СPI Index here.


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