Promotion of an app includes a lot of things an advertiser has to keep in mind. It’s better to research all the information about mobile market before an advertiser starts a mobile advertising campaign. And at this stage it is sometimes difficult to find out the sources to check all the existing hypothesis. To some of your questions answers can be found using certain services that collect statistics:

  • What apps are popular and can serve as a benchmark?
  • What countries can bring an advertiser more money?
  • Where can an advertiser expect for more downloads?
  • How much will the mobile ad campaign cost?
  • What to do with ASO?
  • What tendencies of mobile market must be taken in account?
  • What is the average ARPU in different countries and categories?
  • Which of mobile markets have barriers to enter because of high competition?


Every step an advertiser makes on his way to success has to be grounded by figures. There are many types of content in Internet, but here in Clickky we prefer to use figures not words. And we would like to share with you some sources we use to justify our activity on a fast-growing mobile market. Hope you find them useful.

  1. Google’s Consumer Barometer will help you to find out some general stats about smartphones and tablets usage to compare how many people in different countries use them. Think with Google may show you how market players promote their apps using cross-promo and holidays.


  1. AppAnnie is one of our favourite sources. An interesting blog, up-to-date stats, insights and more. Register to access the TOP apps and advertisers by downloads and revenue.


  2. Flurry blog provides information about numerous aspect of mobile world starting from best cities to find a good developers and ending with mobile stats broken down by countries and regions (e.g. China and LatAm).


  3. If you’re going to promote an iOS app, follow AppBot blog. There is a nice content about AppStore.


  4. Operamediaworks provides perfect quarterly quarterly mobile charts. What apps categories are most popular in UK, APAC, etc.? Click and find out.


  5. Are you going to advertise a mobile game? In Newzoo reports you’ll find stats that will blow your mind and make your marketing strategy much better.


  6. Comsore helps you to perform data into value, and you can use its data yourself.


  7. eMarketer is a world-famous source that can help you to receive answers about tiny aspects e.g. behaviour of millennials or kids when using mobile, how many users in France bank online, how many mobile users aged 25-35 in France watch video ads, etc. The information is puzzling, but it covers blanc spaces successfully.


  8. Clickky’s monthly CPI Index will help you to find out what countries it is now better to target depending on the app category to get more downloads for smaller price.


  9. ASOdesk blog is must read if you promote the iOS apps.


  10. Promoting a game app on an emerging market? See PocketGamer latest data & research.


  11. Global Web Index data will tell you more about your users’ behaviour.


  12. Adobe Digital Insights is a great source of inspiration on digital advertising.


  13. Address Mobile marketing association researches to get in-depth analysis of mobile market.


  14. Providing a competitors research? Use Apptrace to see how are other apps performing.


We welcome suggestions for any more sources that you think can be added to this list.