Nowadays the problem of an app promotion becomes significantly important because of overcrowded app stores like Apple App Store and Google Play. Independent developers have to fight for users against corporations like EA Games that have large marketing budgets. However, there are still a lot of possibilities to promote an app effectively, using some tips described below. We tried to allocate here the best ways to promote an app. If you have some more suggestions, feel free to share them in comments.

Try to reach TOP charts.

To become visible in app stores, try to reach the TOP positions. It is quite difficult to beat the records of installs worldwide, but try to choose a most promising country and concentrate your efforts on it. To reach the TOP, you have to get many downloads over a short period. How to get the downloads quickly? Concentrate your marketing push on the other tactics below.

Take care of your app performance and make your ASO perfect.

Use a catchy name and app icon so as it would be easy to remember and search. Provide App Store Optimization (ASO) that includes:

  1. Meta Data as title and description.
  2. Keywords. When selecting keywords, use your app’s name and test all the keywords against your competitors. Use Sensor Tower to search for good keywords with low competition rates and enough traffic volume. Chosen keywords have to be added into app name, title and description.
  3. Screenshots. Pay a great attention to good screenshots. They have to be catching and attractive.
  4. Rating and reviews.
  5. Number of downloads.

Use alternative app stores.

There are Opera Mobile Store, Amazon app store, AppBrain, Appslib, Mobogenie, Getjar, Galaxy Apps, ets. Don’t limit yourself to Apple App Store and Google Play only.

app stores


Get more app reviews.

After the ASO, pitch your app to survey web-sites as Appsuch, Appsafari, Apptism, AppStoreApps, AppAdvice, etc. It can bring you more buzz.

Pitch bloggers.

Search for bloggers who make the app reviews and send them press release. Tell them your story, not just a hard fact or glorification of your app.

Be social.

Use a social media marketing (SMM) methods. Create fan pages, post and create the community or join existing groups. There are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, Snap Inc., Pinterest social networks, and each needs proper content. Twitter is extraordinary for connecting with influencers. LinkedIn is great to promote business information. Facebook is good for both paid ads and free social media marketing techniques to create and support the community. Youtube will help to attract attention if you focus on video content and it also helps small and independent developers to create promo video by themselves. Use SMM to provocate buzz in all possible ways. You can be present in each of the described networks or choose only few. The main condition is to be active and engage the users, initiate discussions and provide high-quality content.

social media to promote mobile apps


Public Relations.

The favourable mentions in such sources as WSJ, TechCrunch, Venturebeat and Forbes can bring you tons of installs. For example, when WSJ mentioned Readdle, it brought company the 800% growth in installs.

Engage early users.

Ask early users for feedback. This will make them feel like they are part of your team, and bring you precious suggestions.

engage mobile users

Create a website.

You have to create at least a landing page. This will let you show more screenshots, more functionality features, detailed description, gather feedback and provide surveys.

Use video.

Create catchy video that will tell stories on how people use your app, what problems your app resolves. Don’t forget about sharing buttons.

Involve forums and groups.

Tell about your app and post about it on as many forums as you can. Join groups in social media and share links on your app’s page in app stores.

Provide content marketing.

Produce a useful content as blog posts, whitepapers, case studies, ebooks etc. You can use “call to action” buttons and gather database for further promotion. Provide possibilities to subscribe.

app promotion

Don’t hesitate with cost per install campaigns.

Sometimes advertising is the best and fastest way to deliver information about your app to your potential users. You can spend pretty much time on pitching, or PR or creating the community, however these are long-last methods that can bring you installs over some period (from a month to year). Choose an advertising platform that works on cost per install (CPI) basis, and you will pay for the installs not clicks or impressions. If you want to manage your budget, choose formats, launch and optimize your mobile CPI campaigns yourself, choose self-serve platforms, e.g. Clickky’s decision.

Join startup community.

You can get some feedback and suggestions from your colleagues and mentors. And receive some additional support and attention to your app. If you’re sure that your app is amazing, launch it on ProductHunt.

In an every action performed, create the best user experience to search your app in an app store, view content on a web-site, communicate through social media, follow the ad click to download etc. You should know that app promotion is a wide range of methods and tactics, and only few are mentioned above.

Hope you’ll find here those that will work best for your application and target audience.