The owners of blogs or websites with a lot of textual content can find it hard to monetize the high volume of traffic they get. Banners, expandable ads, and pop-ups often interfere with the user experience, distracting visitors from the content of the site. Specifically, this problem pertains to the small screen. Sometimes ads occupy a large portion of the website space or even cover the content entirely. As a result, visitors tend to get frustrated and abandon the website at all. And the site owners lose the opportunity for monetization.

However, there is a solution for profiting from the textual content without compromising the quality of user interaction with the site. In-text ads for mobile — a new format, introduced by Clickky. It provides the means of inserting promotional material right into the text, and benefit both publishers and visitors.

Monetizing the text content

The idea behind the in-text ad format is very simple. Some parts of the website copy, words or phrases, are linked to an advertisement. In this way, the website is not cluttered with ads, and the copy is clearly visible for visitors. The hyperlink is often underlined twice, to avoid confusion with non-promotional content.

This format has already been successfully implemented on the desktop. Major publishers like U.S. News, MSNBC, and Fox News display in-text ads in soft news and entertainment sections, along with numerous message boards and blogs.

In-text ads became widespread due to their simplicity. They can be easily placed on the site without additional time and money expenditures for developing creatives for the banner and video ads. While in-text ads remain highly effective for the publishers’ revenue, they are also user-friendly and informative. The offers they lead to are intended to correspond to the theme and context of the website where they are displayed.

The example of in-text ads for monetization of mobile blogs and websites.



Clickky’s solution for mobile

Until very recently, mobile ad publishers had not been able to benefit from all the advantages of in-text advertising. 

It was simply not available for mobile websites.

Clickky’s Self-Serve Platform for Publishers was the first service to provide in-text monetization solution for blogs and mobile websites.

Now, Clickky can serve in-text ads in 120 countries, with guaranteed demand for any publisher. Clickky pays particular attention to the relevancy of in-text ads, ensuring their pertinence to the content of the website. With the help of Javascript Clickky analyses the keywords on all pages of the publisher’s website. Then, compares them with the keywords that Clickky has  assigned to the offers in its database. When the match is found, the service will add a hyperlink to the site. It will lead to a mobile offer on App Store or Google Play, with relevant targeting by device, location, and OS.

The ads shown to visitors coincide with their interests and therefore, spark curiosity and provide more opportunities for content discovery. This solution is perfect for mobile websites and blogs with high traffic volume. The more visitors see an ad, the more profit a publisher will get.

The advantages of in-text ads for mobile blogs and websites monetization


With Clickky’s Self-Serve Platform for Publishers, it is finally possible to monetize every bit of your mobile website, while maintaining excellent user experience.

In-text ads fill all the gaps, reaching out to the audience that the contextual ads algorithms couldn’t spot.

The ads make interaction with the website natural and uninterrupted, benefiting equally the visitors as well as the site owners.