Have you ever considered doing video marketing for your business? If not yet, then read on and find out why you shouldn’t miss on this great opportunity. Make sure you check out the tool that’s best for building and managing mobile video ads.

Your customers are waiting for you out there. 

Social networks and video are just as hard to separate from each other as movies and popcorn. We are so used to flipping through videos in our news feed that if someone would cut them all out, we’d probably feel that something was missing. In fact, 78% of people watch videos at least once a week and 55% watch every day.


Visitor > Customer conversion rates are a lot higher with video.

Here’re just a couple out facts for you to think about:

Email + Video = up to 300% higher opening rate

Landing Page + Video = up to 80% conversion rate

What about B2B? Here your rewards can be even greater: every other executive looks for more information after seeing a product/service in a video while 65% of entrepreneurs go straight to the website, and 39% give you a call.

Videos “travel” a longer way.

Did you know that social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined? It means that regardless of how many pictures or text posts you make for promoting your event, a short promo video clip will travel a lot further and faster. Like a jet ski compared to a fishing boat.

Get wider business awareness.

As your clip travels across the seas of social media it brings new visitors to your event page and website with 64% likelihood of making a purchase. Eventually, nine out of ten people who end up paying agree that video helped them consider making the purchase. That’s why more and more advertisers are using video as part of their promotion strategy.

video mobile ads awareness

Mobile users like video ads.

Every day the number of people watching videos on mobile increase steadily. Best chances to get your ads watched through to the end is to make them around 15 seconds long. With tools like Shuut your ads exactly fit in this 15-seconds frame delivering your future customers a clear idea about your offer and brand.

Video is able to convey large amounts of information.

Despite that your ad is very short, it carries a lot more information than you think. Do you want your ad look contemporary or vintage? Dynamic and energized or calm and relaxed? You can wrap the same selling message in different historical, emotional, and situational styles. Opportunities that video gives to you are endless.

Search engines ♥ video!

Your chances to show up first on search engine rise 53x times if you embed a video on your website. This kind of stats has probably put Cisco to forecast that this year video will make up 69% of all consumer Internet traffic.

mobile video ads format


Inform and educate through video.

Video ads are perfect educational tools because they incorporate audio and visual elements that appeal to multiple senses. Make a how-to tutorial or introduce your latest product with Shuut video ads and get your viewers to learn new things about your brands and your industry. That is a strong tool in creating trusting and beneficial relationships with your audience.

See how well your ads perform.

Engines like Facebook and YouTube stream live data on views, likes and shares on your videos back to you. With handy tools like Shuut these stats can be collected in one place – right inside the app – for your convenience. The benefit of reviewing your ads performance is in having a big picture in front of yourself and learning how your audience engage with your content. That can help you make accurate strategic decisions on improving your online video marketing.

If you are still not convinced about integrating video into your marketing strategy, here is something you should know: your competitors are already going ahead with video advertising and attracting your potential customers. That’s now called the “Cold war approach” in other words. Don’t waste your time and consider making video ads for your business soon to catch up with the trend. Happy advertising!

This post was brought to you by the team at Shuut. We eliminate the complexity of creating video ads on Facebook & Instagram by making the whole process effortless. Our app helps build, manage and analyze your campaigns with just a few taps.