The volume of mobile traffic has already overtaken desktop, which means that in 2017 users will start consuming content in a different way. What does it entail for those who create content on the Internet?

They will have to either tailor their activity to fit the trend or leave the Internet market altogether. If you have a WordPress blog, check the statistics. Note the share of your users that come from mobile devices — this number is expected to grow significantly in the next years, and you have to get ready. How to make your WordPress site mobile-friendly? How to monetize it and make it convenient for mobile users?

Here are the best free WordPress mobile plugins that will help you with the tasks concerning mobile adaptivity, usability, customization, analytics, and monetization.

WordPress mobile plugins for monetization of mobile websites


WordPress plugins for mobile adaptivity help to make the desktop version of your website both responsive to the small screen and convenient for the mobile users.

  • WPtouch plugin will make your site mobile-friendly by adding an adaptive theme for smartphone users. The key benefit of the plugin is that you will not have to worry about your SEO ranking — your website will definitely pass the Google Mobile test, as WPtouch has been recommended by Google.
  • While WPtouch just makes your app mobile-friendly, the WordPress Mobile Pack provides an app-like user experience. It helps you to create a PWA (progressive web app) — your site will interact with users in the way that an app would do. The plugin comes with multiple mobile app themes, available for purchase.
  • Mobile app plugin lets you build both mobile-friendly website and a mobile app. The plugin will easily transform your site into an Android or iOS app, which then can be uploaded to App Store or Google Play.
  • WP Mobile Edition creates a mobile theme for your website. It also detects whether desktop or mobile screen is used, and shows different versions to different users. There is also a Manual Switcher, which lets the user choose between 2 versions, and remembers the choice.


The plugins in this category ensure that the quality of experience for the users accessing your website via mobile devices will be no worse, than for the users coming from the desktop.

  • Mobile Navigation plugin is useful for customizing this part of your mobile site. It is very important on small screens, and this plugin can make it easier for your users.
  • WP Responsive Menu allows you to create a sliding and responsive menu for mobile users, which improves the mobile site usability.
  • MobileView is a plugin that can accomplish various tasks: help you to create a mobile-friendly version of the website, a customized menu and, most importantly, mobile-friendly customized landing pages.
  • Responsive Menu is a great plugin for those who want to design every part of their site and would like to create a fully customizable responsive menu. There are 150+ design options to choose from: colors, animation types, background images, menu triggers, etc.
  • Responsive Select Menu plugin, on the other hand, provides a simple solution for mobile devices, automatically turning every WordPress menu into a select box/dropdown.


These plugins assist in customizing the appearance of the website on different devices or browsers.

  • Mobile Smart plugin detects the device type. It doesn’t detect browsers but provides some other features, such as manual switcher and image rescaling.
  • WP Mobile Detect works with content instead of mobile themes. This plugin allows you to set up the exact content that will be shown on each device type. The solution deals with a problem of content that does not fit the small screen, such as full-size infographics. You can just hide it away from the users who will not be able to view it on mobile.


The plugins that provide analytics about the traffic, usually both mobile and desktop.

  • MixPanel provides stats and event tracking for every page and appears a very good decision for both mobile and web.


Finally, there are WordPress plugins that help you earn revenue from your mobile website by placing the ads.

  • Google AdSense is provided by Google and offers a wide range of mobile ad formats. However, they are mostly standard. Some of the formats are available for mobile devices. If you are going to use this plugin, make sure to enable Automated Mobile Ads in the settings. Otherwise, the ads that appear on your website will not be adapted for mobile.
  • Advanced Ads is actually an ad manager. You can both create and manage ads, placing the ads delivered by certain networks. Similar to Google AdSense, this plugin doesn’t work specifically with mobile ads. It just lets you choose which ads will be mobile-friendly. Among networks the plugin works with, there are Google AdSense, Chitika, Clickbank, Amazon, and also Google DoubleClick (DFP).
  • Clickky’s Mobile Monetization tool plugin is created specifically for mobile devices. It offers the ad formats unique to mobile, e.g. gift ads and in-text ads. You can use these additional formats for the full monetization of your mobile website.


WordPress plugins can be incredibly useful in creating a great mobile experience for your users. Moreover, you can access them for free. Take this advantage and adapt your WordPress website or blog for mobile screens. Don’t forget about the monetization opportunities and place the ads that fit well the mobile version of your website.