Mobile Beach Conference 2017, scheduled for May 20-21 in Odessa, will gather the world’s leading mobile marketing companies, and Mobusi is one of them. We spoke to Macarena Celnamor, who will speak at Mobile Beach Conference about playable ads.

Macarena has more than 8 years experience working in the online world. Right now, she finds herself at the forefront of the digital industry, in the fastest growing area of the sector: mobile performance. For the last three years, she has been travelling around the world, building up an extensive range of contacts, making herself a well-recognised and esteemed figure in mobile marketing. As well as this, she ensures that mobusi is recognised as one of the leading companies in the sector. Macarena has a special interest in client services and is dedicated to discovering mobile campaign insights in order to better her own performance and efficiency.


What do you think are the main trends in mobile marketing?


What do you think is the future of CPI?

We work on reaching clients’ goals.  On the one hand, engagement is obviously very important.  However, on some occasions, clients want qualified volume.  The most important thing is the brief and communication with the client.

Can you please share some cases where playable ads beats any other ad format in any category except for Games?

For sure! We have designed some playables for clients like LetGo and Blablacar. The playables don’t have to represent exactly what you are going to find inside the game, remember that this format is still an ad and we need to convince the user to download the app. Creativity is key!

Mobusi’s postevent measurement tool is really cool. Can you tell us what unique KPI’s do you measure?

We can actually measure everything the client is interested in. The good thing about our tool is our algorithm optimizes in real time per publisher, making the job easier for our amazing analyst team!

You have offices in many countries including India. What are the main challenges you face in India?

India is an amazing country with a huge technical base and people who are super prepared for this industry. In our case, we need local people who can tend to clients’ needs since we both have different cultures.

What do you think is the main challenge for mobile marketing in 2017?  

Besides what everybody is fighting about (fraud, click spamming, attributions…) I think the main challenge this year is looking after the user experience, creating better formats, being more creative and producing better content in the products we display.

You are speaking at Mobile Beach Conference. But what would you like to listen to?

A lot of big fish from the industry are gonna be there so I’m definitely going to keep my ears open and hopefully learn a lot!

What will you take with you to Odessa this May?

Definitely tonnes of business cards and a lot of energy for networking.