Clickky has been helping publishers monetize their mobile traffic since 2010. Some of the company clients have achieved truly outstanding results, accomplishing their monetization goals and fully exploring the potential of their mobile website or application.  Here is one of the recent success stories of effective monetization assisted by Clickky.

Using a range of available monetization formats, the publisher managed to achieve above average results in short term. The figures below pertain to just one day, the 9th of May, 2017.

The publisher received traffic from 11 geo locations in various regions. The fill rate was 100% in all countries. The exceptions were the USA (99.98%), Malaysia (97.98%), and Indonesia (89.01%), where the fill rate was slightly lower.

eCPM rates peaked at $61.5 in Russia, followed by $30.28 in Switzerland, $14.13 in New Zealand, and $9.45 in France. Overall, eCPM haven’t fallen below $0.65.

The CTR was impressive as well: 41.18% in Switzerland, 27.27% in France, 24.27% in New Zealand and 18.18% in Russia. While the lowest value was found in Indonesia, at 7.95%.


The results of mobile traffic monetization campaign on Clickky's self-serve platform

Consequently, the monetization strategy chosen by the publisher turned out to be exceedingly effective.

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