PubNative, a mobile monetization platform, included Clickky on a list of the key players on the market of mobile advertising, in the 2017 edition of its Native Advertising Landscape research.

The Landscape does a thorough job of gathering and categorizing all the noteworthy companies from across the industry.

Starting with the biggest publishers, like Viber,, Pinterest, Snapchat and Shazam, and search companies, like Google, Yahoo and Bing, the research also includes the main SSPs, exchanges, and DSPs.

Clickky is grouped into the Exchanges and SSPs category. It underlies the company’s extensive amount of direct supply partners, as well as its connection to the world’s leading DSPs and SSPs via the RTB Marketplace.

The Landscape also features top PMDs (Salesforce, appsflyer, Adobe), and social networks(Facebook, Linkedin, Snapchat, Twitter). The research distinguishes mobile only and cross-platform/content recommendation ad networks and enumerates the leading publisher ad servers.

On the supply-side, the Landscape offers a list of SSPs, Exchanges and companies that fit both these categories. Finally, the research mentions the major DSPs on the market, such as Adform, Brightroll, Mobvista, DataXu, Rubicon and others.

PubNative’s Landscape of Mobile Native Advertising offers great insight into the current state of the industry, naming the major companies on the demand and supply side, as well as the best ones in adjacent fields.



For more information on Clickky’s SSP and RTB Marketplace, click here