Clickky awarded as best user acquisition and mobile monetization solution


Clickky was distinguished in two marketing software categories, after having gone through a review by trusted B2B directory The full-stack platform came out with a score of 8.2 out of 10 and a perfect user satisfaction rating of 100%.

The reviewers noted how Clickky’s  platform is able to help mobile advertisers and publishers acquire users and monetize traffic from their websites or apps. As well, they recognized Clickky’s ability to deliver both programmatic and performance solutions through a vast selection of tools , for effective user acquisition and mobile monetization.

Clickky was also marked as the preferred platform for mobile monetization for over 2, 900 direct media sources. Clickky’s iAB-compatible inventory and top performing formats contributed to the fact, that FinancesOnline bestowed on us its 2017 Rising Star Award and 2017 Great User Experience Award under marketing software reviews. The awards are set to distinguish outstanding products that have gained traction with customers.

Clickky earned such favorable reviews by supplying marketers and publishers with quality technological solutions, allowing to do effective monetization and user acquisition both in-app and in-web. With our product’s programmatic service, advertisers can connect their ad campaigns to over 15,000 traffic partners, ensuring a greater yield of incoming quality traffic for user’s websites and applications.

Applying innovative technology, Clickky offers video and performance advertising solutions as well, opening a wide range of opportunities both on demand and supply side.