Clickky is continuing its expansion on the Asian market, having opened offices in Mumbai and Beijing and welcoming more local talent to the company’s international team. Today we will talk with Varnika Chib, Business Development Manager India, who recently joined Clickky to help the company achieve its goals on the Indian market.

Clickky's Business Development Manager in IndiaNice to meet you, Varnika. Tell us more about yourself, what were your main career milestones?

Working in the mobile marketing industry can be challenging, so I consider my joining the industry already a milestone of sorts. Another one is the opportunity to work with a number of high-profile clients, such as Cleartrip, Amazon, Hotstar, Goibibo, Myntra and others. This has helped me immensely in developing my professional skills and learning more about the market. And now, another milestone is becoming a manager in Clickky’s business development department.

What motivated you to join Clickky’s team?

I was impressed by Clickky’s technology stack and the solutions the company offers for media buying. In India, programmatic is not that widespread. So I was looking forward to learn more about this technology and gain some practical experience in this area.

You have been working at big companies, such as Yahoo. What can you share about your previous work experience?

Thanks to my former experience with Yahoo, along with other companies I’ve worked at, I have built up my confidence, developed crucial professional skills, and learnt a lot about the market and its changing trends. I look forward to put all those qualities to work at my current workplace.

What challenges do you see on the market right now?

The current market shows the ongoing shift of the users from desktop to mobile. Did you know that smartphone usage in India already by far exceeds desktop and tablet? The trend is here to stay, and companies need to capitalize on that. Of course, social media is important in mobile advertising, but big companies with large budgets still look for reliable partners to manage their user acquisition, so that’s another trend. And finally, what everyone in mobile marketing is concerned with is combatting fraud and ensuring traffic quality.

How do you think Clickky can meet those challenges?

By bringing innovation and technology to the market and finding a viable approach, which would serve everyone, advertisers and publishers. Becoming a game-changer while others keep doing what everyone has already done.

With your experience on Asian and specifically Indian market, how do you see Clickky’s position within the competition?

Clickky is somewhere above its competitors. Mainly, because a lot of other platforms haven’t yet started exploring programmatic. Clickky has shown tremendous growth in the past year. With the direct clients we already have, it’s safe to say that the growth trend will continue.

What would you like to help Clickky achieve in India in terms of business development?

I’m looking forward to work with some of the major players in India, and I hope that this will generate good revenue for the company, contributing to its overall growth and development.