For mobile marketing professionals who work with programmatic advertising, it’s crucial to stay on top of the most recent industry developments. Research, statistics, op-eds on the upcoming trends, opinions from the thought leaders and decision-makers — all that is necessary for understanding the dynamics of the economy and spotting opportunities for growth. Among the dozens of media resources online, it is hard to find the right ones for relevant and well-research information. Here is a list of the media resources that we follow to learn more about programmatic advertising, real-time bidding and RTB bidding strategies.

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One of the top media resources in advertising, with a focus on digital and data-driven marketing, AdExchanger provides an overview of the news across the industry. The editorial team keeps up with developments in Mobile, Commerce, Investment. They also informs about both demand and supply side of the market: advertisers, publishers, platforms and agencies. This is the website to turn to for information on programmatic advertising, real-time bidding, RTB inventory and mobile ads. The strong feature of AdExchanger is that it gives the voice to the community of professionals in digital advertising, enabling the exchange of thoughts and ideas. For many industry practitioners, it’s the best way of learning what works from their peers.


For profound research and in-depth reports, eMarketer is the go-to source for professionals worldwide. The company offers data on a variety of topics: advertising and marketing, media buying, ad spending, mobile and social media. One of the key advantages of eMarketer is the availability of statistics for multiple regions. Instead of focusing on North America only, the team of analytics also covers Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Middle East & Africa, Western Europe and separately, Central and Eastern Europe. This is instrumental for marketers that want to trace worldwide trends, find and compare the opportunities for growth across regions. The full access to eMarketer data is available with a pro plan. Marketers can also find some of the reports in open access.  

Marketing Week

A reputable publication on all things marketing, Marketing Week runs a whole section dedicated to programmatic. It’s a great source of industry news, as well as some valuable insights on current issues for brand marketers and all who work with brands. The publication is UK-based, so the focus is shifted to the market of Great Britain. But it doesn’t mean that marketers from other regions can’t get value from the insights shared by the editorial team. The up-to-date analytics of Marketing Week help to spot emerging issues, which then spread to other regions.  

Mobile Marketing Magazine

The publication also based in the UK, but with a broader international focus, Mobile Marketing Magazine is not only a source of news on mobile marketing, and programmatic ad buying as well. It’s also a platform for discussion, thanks to its openness to publishing insights from the industry professionals. The main topic of the Magazine is mobile marketing, which extends to advertising, apps, hardware, mCommerce, VR & AR. Mobile Marketing Magazine also sources whitepapers from leading marketing companies, which is helpful for finding out best practices for tackling pressing issues.

Last but not least, is one of the major sources for learning about programmatic. Its initial focus was on performance marketing, but now there is a separate section “Biddable media”, which is devoted to ad buying via auctions. Whether it’s in RTB marketplace or header bidding, or another method of programmatic, the publication will cover it. Essentially, Performancein addresses the key issues of the industry: from measurement problems in programmatic to brand safety and ad buying on scale, to navigating GDPR regulations. In addition to the team of highly professional writers, Performancein is also open to contributions from practitioners and experts in particular areas of biddable media.

Do you have your favorite media source for information about programmatic, mobile marketing and biddable media? Let us know in the comments below.

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