Do you want to turn your app into a source of income? With Clickky, you can do it. It’s easy to set up a monetization campaign and earn revenue from displaying ads to your audience. Here are simple steps towards making an app into a business.

earn money with app monetization in-app ads

Create an account

Start with filling out the registration form to join Clickky and create a publisher’s account. You can sign up as an affiliate publisher to work by cost per install payment model, or join the Self-Serve Platform for Publishers to run programmatic campaigns. For publishers, who want to apply additional instrument for monetization of “remnant” traffic, Clickky offers Smartlink.

Learn more about the services that Clickky provides to publishers and choose which ones will fit into your monetization strategy.

Add your app and choose the ad formats

Add the link to your app (Bundle ID). Then, choose the app category, to serve only relevant ads to your audience. You decide how the ads will look and where in the app they will appear. Choose from the variety of Clickky’s ad formats (more than 20 types, for desktop and mobile) and find the best options for the user experience.

Integrate the SDK

Android app developers can integrate SDK provided by Clickky and start displaying ads right ahead. Just implement the lightweight code into your application and enable monetization through advertising.

Test and launch

Run a test of the campaign, to make sure that everything works right and ads are displayed correctly in the app flow. Then launch the campaign and see the first results coming in.

Analyze and optimize

Once your campaign is up and running, don’t forget to keep track of the campaign results, optimize your work with advertisers and watch how your audience responds to the ads. Track the number of requests to show an ad and responses from the server, the number of impressions, fill rate and eCPM rates. Analyze the campaign flow and make optimizations to receive more revenue.

Get your payouts

Finally, collect the payouts you earned and see your income increased. 


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