Starting July 2018, Clickky is integrated with the tracking and analytics platform PeerClick. Users of PeerClick can get the full value of connecting to Clickky, and at the same time, Clickky users can benefit from the advanced marketing tracking platform for measuring the success of their campaigns. 

To get a special discount for Clickky users, go to PeerClick website via the link Or use the promo code CLICKKY-FREE_PROMO when signing up to PeerClick. 

About PeerClick

PeerClick is a tracking platform for media buying teams and agencies. It brings analysis of all your traffic sources together in one convenient place with ANN (artificial neural network) traffic distribution module. PeerClick enables working with different kinds of traffic sources, managing advertising campaigns and analyzing traffic efficiency, using one tool.

With PeerClick, users can enjoy the following features:

  • Cloaking
  • Multicurrency
  • Pay per click
  • Click processing time 5 ms under any server load
  • Handles millions of clicks per day
  • Group Campaign Reports
  • Large-scale automated updates every few month
  • Fast and convenient user interface
  • Flexible multi-user system with different access rights
  • Average response time for support is 5 minutes 


PeerClick is particularly useful for the media buying professionals, who manage multiple ad campaigns at the same time and need to have full data on each of them conveniently aggregated in a single interface.

How to set up the integration with PeerClick

To make the integration work, complete the following steps:

Step 1.  Sign up to PeerClick and add Clickky as the new traffic source.

Do this by clicking on the tab “Sources” in the PeerClick interface, and pressing the button “New”.

peerclick clickky intergration marketing analytics and campaign tracking


Choose the “New traffic source” template in the pop-up window and set up the template for Clickky. Add traffic source name and traffic source postback URL. It’s possible to add advanced parameters, such as external ID, cost and custom variable.

More about setting up templates here.

Save the new traffic source and create the Campaign URL, where traffic will be directed.

Step 2. Check that you’re registered with Clickky’s Self-serve Platform for Advertisers, create the ad campaign and generate postback URL, as shown in the image below.

peerclick clickky integrtion marleting analytics and tracking
Step 3. Add PeerClick tracking URL when setting up campaigns on Clickky’s platform.

peerclick clickky integration

Step 4. Check the tracking status before launching the campaign.

peerclick clickky integration marketing analytics and campaign tracking That’s all. In case you experience any trouble with integration or the usage of the services, don’t hesitate to contact our support team.