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eCPM rates for the top publishers
Here are the rates our publishers can get right now. Start working with the platform and monetize your inventory to get similar results.
Country eCPM
Italy $ 18.76
Australia $ 7.85
New Zealand $ 6.79
Hong Kong $ 5.75
Thailand $ 3.08
Portugal $ 2.94
What is a Cross-Promotion Service?
Cross-Promotion is a service for Android app developers, where they can get free promotion in addition to monetizing their traffic. Developers earn revenue by delivering impressions. On top of that, they serve ads and generate impressions, which they can later exchange for free for the same number of impressions in other apps.
How does Cross-Promotion Service work?
Cross-Promotion is switched on automatically on the Self-Serve Platform for Monetization for all Android apps. It provides free advertising in other apps in our network for no additional payment. After implementing ad placements, app developers start serving ads and get payouts for the delivered impressions on the platform by eCPM model. Additionally, the impressions they generate (which they are paid for like in any other monetization network) are valid as impressions to spend on acquiring new users via our Cross-Promotion network. The generated impressions are automatically exchanged for the same number of impressions for developer’s apps in other apps. In this way, Android developers earn revenue and attract more new users without additional investment.
Is Cross-Promotion available for iOS apps?
Not yet. Cross-Promotion Service is currently in beta version and will become available for iOS apps later.
Can I switch off the Cross-Promotion mode (if I don’t want my app to be advertised)?
Yes. You can make request to the manager to switch off the Cross-Promotion mode and monetize through the Self-Serve service only. To reach the manager, open the live chat in the right lower corner of the page.
Can I add targeting to Cross-Promotion Service campaigns?
Not yet. Cross-Promotion Service is currently in beta and this function will become available later.
Can I upload my own creatives to Cross-Promotion Service?
Not yet. Cross-Promotion Service is currently in beta and the function of adding custom creatives for your app advertisement will become available later.
What are the Generated impressions I see in the statistics in the Cross-Promotion section?
Generated impressions are the impressions that Android developers earned through serving ads in their apps. By successfully delivering impressions to their audience, Android developers can procure free ads in other apps. The more impressions you generate within your app, the more ads for your app you are eligible to show within apps of our cross-promotion platform. You still get paid for all the impressions you generate within your own app.
What are the Consumed impressions I see in the statistics in the Cross-Promotion section?
Consumed impressions refer to the number of impressions that were used for free advertising in Cross-Promotion Service.
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