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Are you sure your website is bringing in enough revenue? We have solutions for every type of publisher.

How does it work?

Connected with over 200 direct advertisers and major DSPs, Clickky's platform places the high-performing relevant ads into applications or websites to ensure the growth of publishers’ revenue. The platform is a convenient tool for publishers to follow statistics, communicate with us, and make the necessary optimizations.

We have a solution for each type of publisher

Experiment your way with a range of monetization formats

eCPM top publishers see today

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Using Clickky`s solutions you can earn up to $0 per month Your website is one step away from hitting a jackpot. Contact us to learn more.

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  • gift ads
  • catfish
  • fullscreen
  • interstitial
  • native ads
  • native api
    • top catfish
    • bottom catfish
    • Topline Vertical Slider
    • Bottom Catfish Slider
    • Top Catfish Horizontal Slider
    • Bottom Catfish Horizontal Slider
    • Topline Bottom Catfish
      • Center Horizontal Interstitial
      • Bottom Horizontal Interstitial
      • Center Vertical Interstitial
      • Bottom Vertical Interstitial
      • TEMPLATE 1
      • TEMPLATE 2
      • TEMPLATE 3
      • TEMPLATE 4

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        Enjoy a guide to our platform

        How to start?

        Integration is fast

        • Integrate a simple SDK to start monetization

        • Integrate a code between <body> </body> tags

        • Step 1 – Add your website or application
        • Step 2 – Select your website/app category
        • Step 3 – Select ad format you want to place
        • Step 4 – Copy a code to install
        • Step 5 – Run an automatic test

        What perks does the platform offer?

        • A wide range of ad formats – you can test which ones work best for your content
        • Easy 3-step integration that can be done in 5 minutes
        • Mobile and web suitable ad formats
        • High fill-rate even for unpopular geos
        • 24/7 support

        Exclusive options for brand publishers

        Individual approach to your monetization strategy both on desktop and mobile

        • A dedicated manager to support integration, format adjustment and monetization optimization processes
        • Competitive eCPM and 100% fill rate
        • Customizable native ad formats for web, iOS, Android, etc.
        • A creative team to design monetization formats particularly for your website
        • 100% guarantee of absolute fill rate
        • Manual addition of advertisers to your website

        eCPM top publishers have

        Country eCPM,$

        Native ads on mobile

        The most un-intrusive type of mobile content monetization

        Feel free to play with some of the adjustments we offer

        • Native ad template 1
        • Native ad template 2
        • Native ad template 3
        • Native ad template 4
        • Color theme
        • Fonts and scale
          • Font 1
          • Font 2
          • Font 3
        • Position
        • Content of an ad

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