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We deliver high-quality users, thanks to access to the world’s top publishers, optimization and a complete dedication to performance
Self-serve for publishers
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AdExchange is an automated marketplace platform for publishers that features a single API that is extremely easy to integrate and provides access to mobile offers from leading app developers, ad networks and agencies worldwide.

The technology allows you to find mobile offers for any demand, by different criteria, guaranteeing a 100% fill rate.

We work with traffic and offers from over 100 TOP mobile ad companies around the world
eCPM prioritization enables you to earn more money from your mobile traffic
Single and simple-to-integrate API, a convenient solution for mobile monetization
Dedicated support helps you start with the AdExchange API as soon as possible
Maximize your revenue with automatic access to over 30,000 mobile offers.
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Self-serve for publishers
Clickky’s mobile web monetization platform was launched in July, 2016 with the goal to provide the most comfortable experience of website monetization.
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for any website
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The remnant traffic monetization
Remnant traffic is composed of clicks that have not been sold directly to an advertiser. Usually publishers underestimate the potential of this traffic and the amount of revenue they‘re losing.
How does Smartlink work?
  • You set a rule that all the clicks that were directed using the wrong targeting will be re-directed to Clickky‘s smartlink.
  • In our turn, we‘ll redirect such users to an offer that suits his geolocation, OS and other requirements.
  • This way, you monetize traffic that has been irrelevant automatically and don’t lose your revenue.
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