Clickky's Technology

It‘s possible to win only if you rely on data, not on a magical sixth sense. We know how to manage the data to help you grow your mobile business.

At Clickky‘s platform, the demand and supply sides are interconnected through technologies the company has developed in order to scale and grow quickly alongside the rapid mobile market development.


Performance is everything. It‘s of utmost importance to invest in optimization and quality on such a highly competitive market. A few solutions of ours serve this greater goal.

The self-serve platform for advertisers is the answer to the challenge of how to satisfy our clients' ever growing needs. The platform allows you to take the ad campaign’s success into your own hands, by having access to all the easy-to-use optimization tools in one place.

Discover more benefits of using self-serve platforms over managed services and vice versa in our blog here.

AdExchange addresses the issue of a lack of time and the importance of adjusting immediately to all changes on the mobile market. Clickky offers a simple-to-integrate API that allows advertisers to upload their offers with the targeting automatically to a feed, and publishers to automatically connect this feed to their supply, having the targeting approached automatically.


The programmatic approach is handled through our RTB marketplace. We are dedicated to targeting and engaging specific audiences that are the best fit for one's app, and – vice versa – in providing our SSP partners with the demand that strongly fits the preferences and behavior of their users.


The video solution is offered to both mobile advertisers and publishers. Each month we drive 1B video views to our clients. We guarantee to deliver the advertiser's video ads to the right audience, and our top priority is to ensure conversions and volume growth. We also ensure that publishers receive media that is tailored for their specific audience and its interests.

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