Table of contents


  1. Introduction
  2. Choosing the revenue model
  3. Mapping the mobile advertising market
  4. Learning the advantages of RTB
  5. Monetizing by eCPM
  6. Creating ad placement
  7. Choosing mobile ad formats      
  8. The rules of successful monetization
  9. How to make friends with a dashboard
  10. Conclusions
  11. Knowledge base


Creating an innovative, highly functional and beautifully designed app is only a first step towards making it profitable.

One of the major concerns for app developers is increasing the visibility of the application and ensuring that it stands out from the competitors. Especially, considering the fact that there are currently 3 million apps in Google Play and more than 2 million in App Store to compete with. However, having a great promotional strategy does not guarantee high income. In fact, even the top-rated apps sometimes fail to bring profit. According to Vision Mobile’s State of the Developer Nation research, 51% of apps generate less than $500 a month, and 19% of apps don’t generate revenue at all. One of the reasons behind the lack of profitability is failure to produce an adequate monetization strategy.

App developers need to learn the opportunities for earning with their apps and educate themselves about the app monetization process: the market structure, available technologies and revenue models, ad formats and analytics.

Compiling all the basic information about the state of the mobile advertising market, this Guide presents suggestions for building a successful monetization strategy, to avoid pitfalls and common mistakes that beginners make.