We are pleased to introduce Clickky’s CPI Index, which shows the research of market demand on cost-per-install base. You can use the research data:

  • when planning your mobile ad campaign: determining a budget, choosing geos and defining a cost per install;
  • when being a publisher and starting to get money from your mobile traffic: you can find out what categories and targeted countries will bring you more;
  • when making a mobile market overview.


Clickky’s CPI Index October’16 overview reveals accumulated data from 208,891 Android and 124,516 iOS mobile ad campaigns and shows the bidden CPI’s for 5 regions, 18+ countries, non-incentive traffic, and different categories.

The analysis shows general market statistics for the previous month. The data below (average CPI by country in October 2016) also shows changes of CPI compared to September’16. All the graphs below are based on Clickky’s advertising campaign data.

According to the data revealed, the cost of app installs for iOS and Android varied greatly for different countries. USA, United Kingdom, China and Japan had the highest average cost per mobile iOS app install. Compared to September, iOS CPI is in decline for almost all countries. In October figures, the lower per install spendings in EMEA countries are seen. The most significant absolute indicator was discovered for Brazil (-$0.21, iOS).

CPI October‘16

Now we’ll take a closer look at the way app categories influenced CPI in different countries:



Average Android and iOS CPI comparison for non-incentive ads in the United States