With the ascent of programmatic technology, mobile advertising market received another impetus for rapid growth.

In such a dynamic ecosystem, advertisers and publishers alike can find it hard to stay updated on the market structure and find the right partners or solutions. Locating companies in the ecosystem can be especially difficult because many of the major players in mobile programmatic work in the intersection of functionalities, catering to both demand and supply side.

Clickky’s Mobile Programmatic Landscape 2017 was created to help advertisers and publishers navigate the complex structure of the market. It includes 129 companies.


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Having done a comprehensive research of the major companies, Clickky’s team categorized them into 6 groups. The Landscape diagram shows supply-side platforms (SSPs), demand-side platforms (DSPs), Exchanges and crossing areas (SSPs & Exchanges, DSPs & Exchanges, SSPs & DSPs & Exchanges).

In the DSP category there are 44 companies altogether, namely Mobvista, Applovin, Fiksu, Applift and others.

In the SSP category could be found companies like Audience Network, Deepintent, Improve Digital, Taggify, and others.

In the intersection of SSPs and Exchanges work the companies Pubnative, Clickky, Adswizz, etc. Mads, TheTradeDesk and DoubleClick, among others, work as both DSP and Exchange.

Under the Exchanges, the companies like Triplelift, Chartboost and Viant are categorized. And finally, under the category that combines all of these three zones there are only 6 companies, such as Smaato, Matomy and Smarty Ads.

The Landscape can serve as a guide into the world of programmatic, directing publishers and advertisers to the solutions they need the most.